Are you or your business thriving or surviving?

Someone asked me the other day ‘how it was going’, and I just gave the typical response – being modest at first – “oh, I’m good”, in a sort of hee-haw type manner. (But really I was thinking – I’m doing great! I have my own business which is going well, I have a healthy six month baby, an awesome, supportive husband, a warm house and good health.) Their response was sort of a yah, yah I know “just surviving”… and I stopped quick and said– na, “I’m actually more like THRIVING!”.

thrive: (v) to grow or develop well or vigorously; prosper; flourish; to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances.

So ask yourself, are you thriving or surviving? Is your business thriving or surviving?

If you are only surviving, what can you do differently in this new year to thrive? What will make you or your business prosper or flourish. Just like you have to invest in yourself, it is important to invest time and money in your business. Sometimes that means taking less of your time to try to do it all (like marketing and design) and investing some of that into doing what you know how to do best – run your business and share this passion with others.  Then, in turn, that extra time that you also saved by investing a little more in your business, you can now use it to help you maybe progress towards a personal goal – like, do I dare say, the gym or just time for yourself of your family.

I can help you THRIVE. Let me take some of the marketing work off your shoulders. Sometimes a fresh look from the outside can be just the boost you need as well to help your business grow. (Then you may even be able to use that time to help yourself to thrive…)