Monke = ‘Monkey’

Creative Monke is yes, pronounced just like the animal – Creative Monkey! I am a graphic designer and marketer. I do sometimes like to ‘monkey around’, but not when it comes to your business. Creative Monke can take your business to the next level by exceeding your graphic design and marketing needs.

Creative Problem Solving

I do more than just make things look pretty.  Are you not sure how to make sense of all those thoughts and ideas you have floating around in your head, or which marketing direction to take, or what look and feel you really want for your logo, brochure, newsletter or other items? I can help. I listen to all those thoughts, and ask the right questions to find and produce to the best solution for you and your business.

Let’s Connect

Creative Monke is located in ‘burbs of Moorhead, MN – right next to Fargo, ND. However, I can work with anyone, anywhere in the world, thanks to this awesome thing called technology. (And if you can make it to Fargo, please do come check it out! Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo are amazing cities and yes, there is a wood chipper on display.)